Elle's Angels Co-ed Softball Team

Our greatest asset is our team. We have a blast together at the hair salon so we're always curious to see what other pursuits we might excel at together as well. To that end, in August of 2008, we formed our first organized extra-curricular activity...a co-ed softball team! Our team, Elle's Angels, played in the Mill Creek city league and featured employees, spouses, boyfriends, and even some of our salon guests. We didn't take it seriously at all and just went out there to have fun, but then a crazy thing happened. After losing our first four games, we swept the final four games of the season barely missing the playoffs! Apparently we have some ballplayers at the salon, it just took us a while to realize it! So let this be a notice to the rest of the league...Elle's Angels are bringin' their A-game next summer!

...and in the meantime, anyone up for some soccer? Bowling perhaps? Curling? We definitely have talent in that area!

2009 UPDATE: Yeah, we uh...didn't win a single game this time around. We played some close ones though! ...for whatever that's worth. Oh well, at least we had fun!

2010 UPDATE: Yeah, uh, nope, no wins this year either. Okay, we're officially seeking some ringers for 2011. You play? Come join our team!