Bridal Hair Trends

  • For years, brides’ tresses have almost exclusively been updos, but brides are now being encouraged to relax a bit and make their wedding look naturally chic by literally letting their hair down. Many brides are opting to style their long locks down to reach its full, flowing potential.
  • Many brides feel limited by their existing hair and today’s trendiest brides have limitless hair styling options with clip on extensions or permanent extensions. Elle Marie Hair Studio stylists can help you achieve the incredible hair you have always dreamed about for your special day.
  • Another trend is half up and half down styles that combine a partial updo with long, loose sections that may be curly or straight.
  • Many brides are opting for structured height at the crown, tucking the veil under so that it flows from beneath a “pouf” of hair.
  • Bridal hairstyle trends are more romantic than ever – think long, loose braids and tousled waves. Brides who want their hair down and curly want those curls to last through the reception. Elle Marie Hair Studio stylists can make your curls survive dancing, endless hugs, champagne spritzes and still hold their shape for the camera.
  • Priming hair in the weeks before the ceremony with deep conditioning and a good cut will help curls set better at the ends. Curls must hold well but must be soft, not crunchy.
  • The Bridal Updo is still popular but trends emphasize height and texture. The French Twist is popular.
  • Updos are popular with fresh flower hair ornament or jewelry bling rather than a veil. Elle Marie Hair stylists can build updos around the flowers, allowing hair’s natural textures to work with the forms of the blooms.

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