Care to consider a New Years hair resolution?

(Originally published in the “What the Pros Know” section of the Jan. 9th, 2013 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.)

It’s January! Which means its resolution time. Most everyone makes some sort of New Years resolution, whether it be to lose weight, get healthy, go green, or even just to stay motivated and happy the way they already are. This year I propose you add something a little different into that goal. Happy, healthy hair. Whether you are trying to grow it out or are ready for something new, you can always have healthy hair. I change my hair really quite often, and I have several guests that enjoy doing the same. The best way to keep it healthy and strong in this process is maintenance, in the salon and out.

In the salon ask your stylist for a treatment, there are several different kinds, and your stylist can suggest the perfect one for your hair. For take home care, a style-primed shampoo and conditioner are ideal. A product that I use every time I shampoo and every one of my guests go home with, is Healthy Sexy Hair’s Soy Renewal. It is an Argan oil-based oil, that also has soy and cocoa in it, so that it really gets in the hair shaft to give it the appropriate amount of protein and moisture.


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