Elle-gant Style – January 2013

(As published in the “Elle-gant Style” section of the Mill Creek Influence Magazine, January 2013. Download a .pdf copy.)

Have you ever wondered why your hairstylist’s hair always looks so good? Or why your hair never looks as good as it does when you leave the salon? I have the answer…PRODUCTS!! No matter who you are, where you live or if you are a hairstylist or not, NO ONE wakes up with perfect hair. So we, as hairstylists, learn very quickly the value of using and having the right products at home.

There are a million different choices when it comes to hair care and styling products. That is why we in the hair industry take a lot of classes and learn everything there is to know about hair products so we can help prescribe the right concoction for your hair needs. For example, if you wake up with unruly, frizzy hair and want it to be smooth, I would recommend trying Sexy Hair’s Power Straight. Run it through your towel-dried hair and blow dry downward from scalp to ends. Looking for volume and fullness? I love Redken’s Root Full spray. Simply spray it into the crown of your head, work it through with your fingers, and then blow dry upside-down for maximum volume.

If you have a cabinet full of product and feel like nothing is working or if you have a million questions and feel overwhelmed with all the choices that are out there, come talk with any of our stylists here at Elle Marie Hair Studio. We are more than happy to answer your product questions and offer solutions that will help you achieve the look you want each and every day!

Jaime is a Level 3 stylist at Elle Marie Hair Studio’s Alderwood location. Appointments can be booked with her Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays by calling (425) 640-6555.

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