Kindle Fire Referral Contest Winner Announced

During the months of April and May, Elle Marie Hair Studio ran a referral contest. The prize was a brand new Kindle Fire. Participation was a piece of cake. To enter, guests simply needed to refer their friends to Elle Marie and then for every referral they sent in, they received an entry into the drawing. So if they referred 10 friends, they had 10 chances to win!

Guests are already motivated to refer their friends because for every referral they receive $10 off a cut and $10 off a color for a total of $20. So if they refer five people, that’s $100 in free services! Plus, the offer is valid for both the referrer AND the referred. We like to show our appreciation to new guests as well. This is an ongoing promotion so with the additional of the Kindle Fire contest, we received quite a few referrals and would like to thank everyone who so kindly took time to tell their friends about our salons.

“Alright, alright, so who won already!?!” It’s not nearly as fun if we spill the beans right off the top. It’s much more exciting if we build some anticipation first. Okay, here goes. The winner…will be announced right after the break! Just kidding. Just kidding. That’s my little Ryan Seacrest impression.

Okay, seriously, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle Pemberton of Snohomish!

Now honestly, how many of you skipped everything at the top and just scrolled down to see the name of the winner?

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