Locks to Enjoy this Summer

Growing close to summer, its time to spruce up those locks of yours! Don’t know what to do? Lets start with color! If you’re blonde, it’s summertime, go platinum! Have fun with your color. Going a little bit blonder than you were for the fall is totally the right way to go. The so called “stripey” look is totally out, but why not try a blended, platinum look! Lately a lot of brunettes have been having a lot of fun with their color. One really fun, but classy look is the Ombre look! It’s when your roots start dark and transition to light at the ends. It is a great transition and totally hot! Reds, go brighter! Have fun and rock it like nobody’s business. Rich reds like auburns and copper browns are gorgeous while laying on the beach!

Whatever color you hair might be, make sure you are protecting your tresses and your scalp. The additional exposure to the sun will not only give your scalp a sunburn, but it can really fade and dry your hair out. Redken has some really great products with SPF in the shampoo and conditioner. I always like to recommend Clear Moisture Polishing Mist. Myself, being an artificial redhead, I tend to fade quickly so I am constantly putting something in my hair as a barrier. ALWAYS remember your thermal protector. Does your hair tend to fade quicker in the summer? Try out our glazes! This always slows my hair from fading so fast in the summer. I love the shine I receive from the glaze as well. It is only $20 more with your service and it prolongs your color, so why not? Remember, it is summertime so have fun and be safe! If you’re a tanner, make sure your covering up your hair in the beds!

Style ideas anyone? Beach waves and a messy braid are totally hot. Using a Redken curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner followed by Redken’s Wool Shake will do the trick! And remember, the braid is supposed to be messy so go crazy, leave some pieces out. We angels at Elle Marie have TONS and TONS of ideas for you, so come in for a free consultation. Let’s find that perfect summer look for you!

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