Mother’s Day Makeover Photo Contest 2015

UPDATED 5/21/15: Scroll down to view the 2015 winners.

Originally Published April 3, 2015

Would you love to surprise your mom with a makeover for Mother’s Day? Here is your chance! Simply visit the “Mother’s Day Makeover Contest” tab on the main Elle Marie Hair Studio facebook page. Share your favorite photo of the two of you (other siblings can be included as well) and tell us in 200 words or less why your mom deserves a little pampering. The photo receiving the most Likes will win a makeover courtesy of Elle Marie!

Does mom already look amazing? Well of course she does, but new looks are always fun! So please consider if mom would be open to a new look. The winning makeover will include hair color, design and finishing, as well as a makeup consultation. Professional before and after photos will also be taken for marketing purposes. Mom will love updating her Facebook profile picture with her new headshot!

Contest ends May 9th, 2015.



Congratulations to Vickie Williams of Lake Stevens and Jena Werven of Lynnwood, both of whom received 3 figures worth of votes and came within 5 votes of each other! Based on their incredible stories and amazing outpouring of support in the form of votes, both seemed incredibly deserving of hair salon makeovers so, we decided to choose TWO winners! Thank you to all who nominated their mothers and thank you to ALL mothers everywhere for all that you do.


mom NEEDS! makeover
My mom is so ashamed of her looks this is the only current photo I could find. My mom let herself go after her son being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer…and her youngest daughter was discovered to have a brain tumor that was removed, and we found out recently it has returned. She takes care of all of us and I would just love to give her a fresh new rejuvenated look she deserves. She would absolutely love it!


food drive fun
This is Jena my brother and me, she may not be our birth mom but stepped in to the role with our father when we needed a mom. My brother and I both have asperger’s (so dad’s helping me with this) so we can be a hand full but she treats us as normal kids and loves us no matter what. She has helped us learn how to deal with life’s challenges, to care for others, and to make friends. She does charity work to help others year round with us and takes us to places to show us new things all the time. We don’t have a lot but she makes sure my brother and I always have everything we need putting herself second. We would love to get her the makeover for mothers day to show her the love she has given us. Please pick her so we can say we love you mom and make here feel as special as she makes us feel.

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