New Fashions Take the Stage at Seattle Fashion Week’s “Urban” Show

2010 Seattle Fashion Week increased my desire for it to be summer now, not mid June/early July, but now! Three of us from Elle Marie Hair Studio headed down to the Friday night “URBAN” fashion show on May 14th. The array of beautiful men and women wearing not only summer casual clothes, but also fabulous hair got me dreaming of what joy the northwest summers bring me.

Most of the more commonly known designers such as Bebe and 7 For All Mankind featured looks that seemed to be very fun, loose and comfortable – styles truly anyone could pull off with ease. Whether it was tank tops and flowy overshirts in light pastels paired with short, shorts. Ruffles were also brought in the mix along with high-waisted skirts paired with belts, worn to give detail to the bodies of these beautiful women.

Seattle fashion designers such as Michelle Williams, Jongeun Kim, Cameron Levin and Justin Bartle had more “nightlife meets fancy” dramatic pieces. These gowns had spectacular details that would make any woman wearing them feel like a movie star. Bows and lace bead work were added to make them stand out. I even saw a gown made with what looked like peacock feathers.

Anyone can admire the beauty, skill and art that is involved in creating these material masterpieces, but I on the other hand have no sewing or fabric skills so my passion of the night was the hair. I found myself staring and almost daydreaming about the right guest to recreate these styles on and ways I could possibly educate myself to give off the same look. Loose braids were very common. Big messy buns and slick smooth pony tails were popular as well. All are looks that I feel, if done right, are so carefree and sexy and easy to style. I like that the look was “beachy meets put-together”. It made me feel that when I leave for my cruise to the Caribbean I can do these styles myself with ease, yet still look fashionable.

Some of the hairstyles were a little too Aquanet, backcombed and 80’s for me. They seemed to scream, “MY HAIR IS WILD AND SO AM I!” But at the same time they grabbed my attention enough to notice the dress as well. I felt slightly overwhelmed however and can’t imagine anyone coming into the salon saying, “Ya know, I want to look like I was slightly electrocuted,” and, “It’s so easy a cavewoman could do it!”

Excellent fashion has the ability to take your breath away. Certain looks can steal your focus and shift you in a direction you might not know your mind would normally wander if you hadn’t seen someone totally rocking it on the runway.

I got some great ideas for hairstyles and summer clothing. I only wish Seattle Fashion Week was quarterly so we could return in a couple months to see what’s in store for fall!

Additional photographs we shot at the event can be found at

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