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Reservations Update

Well, that escalated quickly! It has been a crazy day at Elle Marie HQ. Given the high traffic demand, our website crashed twice, along with our app, and our software! 😬 Apparently we were missed by our guests almost as much as we missed you! 💚

To those who were unable to get through to reserve an appointment, we are SO sorry. We are doing our very, very best to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

With the new state-mandated occupancy restrictions, we are doing everything in our power to accommodate as many people as we can, as often as we can.

A couple of these extreme measures includes extending our hours dramatically & pausing our one on one training program which will provide more room for our guests given the occupancy requirements.

Even with these extensive measures in place, some guests may have to wait longer than we would like for their initial appointment.

We apologize and wish there was more we could do at this time.

Our new game plan is to now open our phone lines and online booking to all guests on TUESDAY JUNE 9TH at 9:00am.

To those guests who were scheduled during the closure, expect to hear from us TOMORROW JUNE 8TH for priority scheduling.

Once again, thank you SO much for your continued patience and support!

Side note – If you are a stylist & if you haven’t noticed by our previous posts, appointments are in high demand at Elle Marie!

With that, WE ARE HIRING!

Interested? Apply Now!

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