Save Time with Dry Shampoo

Squeezed for time this morning? Who isn’t these days! You know that Dry Shampoo your hair stylist recommended that’s been soaking up dust under your bathroom counter? How about giving it a try!

Dry Shampoo’s are specifically formulated to absorb the excess oils physically present on the hair follicles to give the hair a cleaner, more voluminous look for just one more day!

To apply, simply spray 6” to 12″ from the oily parts of the hair commonly present at the scalp area. Allow product to sit for a few minutes, then finger comb or brush through ends to disperse the shampoo. Voila! Instantly clean, beautiful hair! For one more day! Off to work you go! No one will ever know!

Don’t have a Dry Shampoo? Our favorite is Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Give it a try!

(UPDATE 4/10/12: This went to print last December and since then Redken has released Powder Refresh 01 which I would highly recommend checking out. Redken’s newest hair powder transforms any style from day-old to amazing. Absorb oil, extend the life of a blow-dry, and instantly refresh any style. Corrects product over-use, too. It’s your new go-to for a quick style refresh, anytime.)

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