Sexy, Romantic Valentine Hair

(As published in the “Elle-gant Style” section of the Mill Creek Influence Magazine, February 2013. Download a .pdf copy.)

Ladies, it is February and love is in the hair! There are a number of different approaches to create the ultimate romantic style.

For someone like myself with shorter hair, I prefer something cheeky and fun – a look that won’t blow away in the wind, but isn’t shellacked and “helmety”. For a more funky look, I use Short Sexy Hair’s Frenzy for sculpting and definition and then I follow up with Short Sexy Hair’s Play Dirty to round it out with a little texture and hold. For a more elegant style, I use Short Sexy Hair’s Quick Change to give hold and definition. I then follow up with Straight Sexy Hair’s Smooth and Seal for shine and frizz.

When styling others with long, flowing locks, I typically recommend a soft and elegant style that is appropriate for the event they are attending. First I would start with a heat protectant, such as Healthy Sexy Hair’s Soya Want Flat Hair, to ensure holding and staying power. Depending upon how the hair is to be worn, be it an up-style or simply down and curly/wavy, we would determine the perfect approach for the overall look. A number of decisions come next which can be discussed with your Elle Marie stylist. We would then ultimately secure the look with Big Sexy Hair’s Spray and Stay – the all nighter hairspray!

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you can’t have the lovely tresses you’ve always wanted. There is a style for you that will bring the night to life!

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