Shine like the sun

We are finally starting to have a little sun in the Northwest and that means your hair might start feeling a little dry! If that is the case I would add a leave-in treatment to your regimen!

I love our Redken Polishing Prep. This simple but useful product is sprayed on when you get out of the shower, then just continue with your regular routine! This product has Apricot Oil and Glycerin to restore, rebalance and retain an optimum level of moisture. Best of all, it is ridiculously lightweight so you don’t even know that you have another product in your hair. How can you not love a product that doesn’t weigh down your hair?

Another great product is our Sexy Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In. With Soy Bean and Cocoa Bean you will have great protection from mineral deposits and those beautiful sun rays!

If you are starting to feel some build up from any salt water or chlorine water, make sure you stop by and pick up some of Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream. This shampoo is designed to clean off all mineral deposits and build up while taking advantage of fruit acids to maintain the shine. This is something that is great for all hair types but should definitely be alternated with your regular shampoo.

Enjoying our weather and making sure your hair stays beautiful has never been easier! Adding a couple key components to your regimen in consideration of the weather is simple and easy! Feel free to call or stop by any of our three Elle Marie locations if you have further questions or simply visit for a complimentary consultation!

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