2022 Leadership Retreat Feedback

Thank you for attending our 2022 Company Leadership Retreat. We all wish we could have been in person, but we are still in unprecedented times and with that we needed to adapt to the times once again (how cliché that now sounds!).

We had a TON of content to share with everyone, new and old. We hope you found most, if not all information valuable as you continue your professional journey as a leader at Elle Marie Hair Studio.

We also wanted to be able to create a space for your individual salon team to get on the same page with processes & procedures along with create an opportunity to put faces to the names of the entire company leadership team. You all have so much to offer each other and our hope is we were able to initiate some long lasting professional and personal relationships.

We would love for you to take this quick survey to help us understand what worked, what did not and what if anything we need to be doing differently. This survey is anonymous, however if you’d like to provide additional feedback or are open to us reaching out to you for more information regarding any of your answers, there is a place at the end of the survey for you to include your name if you’d like.

Please rate the following:

    1. How connected did you feel to your salon locations leadership team PRIOR to the retreat?

    2. How connected do you feel to your salon locations leadership team now that the retreat is over?

    3. How connected did you feel to the company wide leadership team PRIOR to the retreat?

    4. How connected do you feel to your Company leadership team Now that the retreat is over?

    5. What is your level of satisfaction for this event?

    6. Do you feel valued for your contributions?

    7. How open to change are we as an organization?

    8. How useful was the content?

    9. How prepared do you feel to perform your job now?

    10. How prepared were the presenters in their content?

    11. If you are a salon manager, do you feel better suited to support the other managers on your leadership team?

    Please be Open and Honest

    12. Which elements of the retreat content did you like the most? (And why was it Colleen's Portion? Just Kidding!)

    13. What, if anything, did you dislike about the content?

    14. What suggestions do you have to make it better next time?

    15. May we contact you for more information on any of your responses?

    If yes, please include your name: