Exit Interview

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey in regard to your time at Elle Marie and your decision to leave the company.

As we continue working hard in navigating our salon business through COVID-19, we are learning more and more that the state of our industry is dramatically changing. In turn, this naturally means our salon company is changing right along with the industry.

With that, we need to stay up to date on what we can do to continue our efforts in providing a safe place where stylists can build upon their desire to grow a career in hairdressing. We understand a stylist’s desire to branch out and do not want to discourage our stylists from growing both personally and professionally in the direction that best suits the individual.

More importantly, we need to understand this at a level that is beyond our own four walls.

It will always be extremely important to us at Elle Marie to continue to be a market leader salon. We need to understand what is working, what is not and what we can be doing differently, in real time, to continue the momentum of amplifying the industry by growing salon professionals in a team-based setting.

Again, thank you for your time at Elle Marie and taking that experience in mind while you fill out this “exit interview” survey. You are welcome to stay anonymous however if you allow it, we would love the opportunity to reach out to you for any clarification, questions, or guidance as we move forward.

Please be as open & honest as you can. If any of your answers changed due to COVID-19 please be sure to specify this as it will be pertinent information as we navigate through this new territory

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    Why did you begin looking for a new job/decide to leave the company?

    Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well? If not, why not?

    How would you describe the culture of our company?

    What were some of the best parts about working for Elle Marie Hair Studio?

    What were some of the hardest parts about working for Elle Marie Hair Studio?

    Give me an example of a time you felt valued:

    Did you share your thoughts about leaving with anyone at the company prior to your departure?

    Were you comfortable going to a manager about work related issues? If not, why and what would have helped?

    Were you satisfied with the way your manager lead the salon? If not, please explain what we could do to make leadership more effective.

    Did you have clear goals and objectives?

    Did you receive constructive feedback to help you improve your performance? If not, please elaborate.

    How can our company improve training and development programs?

    What did you like most about your job? And what would you change about it?

    If you had a friend looking for a job, would you recommend us? Why or why not?

    Are there any unresolved issues or additions we can help support you with?

    What would need to change in order for you to have stayed at Elle Marie Hair Studio?

    Would you consider coming back to work at Elle Marie? Why or Why not?

    In lieu of the state of our world right now, please share your thoughts on any of the recent events as it pertains to your decision to leave Elle Marie?

    How do you believe Covid-19 is affecting the way hairstylists succeed at their job? How can Elle Marie better support their stylists success during Covid 19?

    Anything more you would like to add about your time at Elle Marie and in support of future stylist growth opportunities at Elle Marie?

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