Management Survey

There are no wrong answers here. We just want to get a sense of where we can support your leadership with strategies and best practices. Please be honest – this is all to benefit YOU and develop your leadership at Elle Marie.


    Current Leadership Position & Location (Salon Manager, Business Manager, Front Desk Lead, etc.)

    Number of Years with Elle Marie

    What is your current In-salon Schedule?

    Who reports to you? (stylists, managers, front desk)

    Do you meet regularly with the group that you lead?

    If yes, how often (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)?

    Do you have an agenda for your meetings?

    Do you set specific goals in your meetings?

    Do you review results of goals from previous periods in your meetings?

    Do you review intelligent verbiage / scripts in your meetings?

    What is your best leadership quality?

    Where would you like additional training as a leader?

    What support do you need from the owners of the company?

    Do you know who to speak to if you need additional support?


    What is the most difficult aspect of being a leader?

    What frustrates you the most about the people you lead?

    What is the most fulfilling aspect of being a leader?

    In a few sentences, tell us your favorite leadership story - when you felt you had the most impact on those whom you lead.