Offer Letter


    October 4, 2020

    Dear :


    This letter is to confirm your acceptance of an updated pay structure.

    As a loyal and long standing, Level Senior Stylist, you have been chosen by the Executive Team to be grandfathered into this arrangement and an updated pay structure will be effective immediately.

    Details of the offer and terms are as follows:

    • • Your promotion will be effective this coming payroll
    • • Your commission rate will be:
    • • Elle Marie Hair Studio will be covering all costs of future fixed overhead charges.
    • • Elle Marie Hair Studio will be conducting a companywide price increase consistent with Industry standards. You are expected to adhere by the new prices when consulting with your guests regarding services (no discounts unless otherwise approved)
    • • Your next level jump (promotion) will include a price increase, per usual.

    We understand that this is a new pay structure that will pose questions by your peers. Elle Marie Hair Studio welcomes you to answer any questions by your peers in support of this new structure, however please remember that this is an exclusive offer that is not being offered to everyone effective immediately.

    We are very excited to offer you these updated terms as we believe you have earned it and we want to honor you for that. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lorry Green, Hollie Wesoloski or your Business Manager.

    Please confirm your acceptance of this offer and the terms and conditions outlined herein by returning a signed copy of this letter to your Business Manager.


    Lorry Green
    Owner, Vice President - Elle Marie Hair Studio


    I agree to accept the conditions of employment as described above.


    This letter does not constitute an employment contract, and nothing contained in this letter or in any other communications you have had with Elle Marie Hair Studio representatives should be construed in any way as a guarantee of continued employment for any period of time, but rather your employment is on an at-will basis. That is, you or Elle Marie Hair Studio may end the employment relationship with or without notice or cause.