Stylist Quality of Life Survey

We are so happy to be back open again with all of you! We know you have choices and we are happy you are with us. We are committed to staying current with what our team needs and wants to continue their career and life success. You are our front line and are experiencing our new reality first hand. With that said, we want to hear from you.

This survey is 100% anonymous. Please feel free to leave any question blank if it does not apply to you – outside of the last question, no responses are required! To help us understand, please answer honestly, constructively and in detail where applicable. If you would like us to follow up with you on any of your responses, please feel free to leave your name anywhere below.

Thank you!


As a Family Owned and Employee Centered Salon Company, Elle Marie Hair Studio’s Passion Is and Always will be to Care for, Nurture and Motivate our Team, our Guests, our Community and our Industry.

Our People:
We provide our Team Members with Excellence in Continuing Education, a Sustainable Goal Driven Career Path, and a High Integrity Atmosphere that Fosters Personal & Professional Growth. And First and Foremost, FUN!

Our Guests:
We will continue to Uphold our Reputation of Providing a Warm, Welcoming & Professional Experience. We Pride Ourselves in the Genuine Care and Technical Excellence for our Valued Guests.

Our Community:
We feel a Genuine Responsibility to Give Back to the Community by being Supportive, Involved, & Charitable and having a Presence in our Local Organizations.

Our Industry:
As an Industry Market Leader, we will Continue to use our Platform to Elevate the Salon Industry by Bringing to Light the Incredible Career Potential this Industry Holds.



    OUR PEOPLE: Do you feel that you have the tools you need to do your job well? If not, why not and what tools do you need to perform your job at 100%?


    Please share in detail any and all suggestions you have for us to better support YOUR personal and professional growth?

    OUR GUESTS: Why do you believe our guests choose to come to Elle Marie for their hair care needs and why do you believe they choose to come back (or not)?

    OUR COMMUNITY: What can Elle Marie do differently to give back to our community? Any suggestions of organizations you would like us to support in the future? Why do you choose this organization?

    OUR INDUSTRY: As a Market Leader salon in this rapidly changing industry, what are some ways we can keep up with these changes?

    We genuinely want to do right by all of our employees at Elle Marie and want to support each and every one of you. In a perfect world, what would that look like?

    Please comment your constructive feedback on the following categories:

    Work Schedule:

    Service Offerings:

    Home Care (retail):

    Price Point (services and home care options):

    Level System:

    Other (please specify):

    Please rate the most important benefits of working in an employee-based salon company to you?

    Benefits like healthcare, vacation, and access to government programs like FMLA or unemployment insurance
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery UnimportantComments:

    Benefits like continuing education, career coaching, and company rewards/celebrations
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery UnimportantComments:

    Having a network of Support Staff and/or Salon Managers so that I can focus on hair
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery UnimportantComments:

    Employer-paid Taxes
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery UnimportantComments:

    Company culture/Working collectively with a team
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery UnimportantComments:

    Other Benefits not listed (please specify):
    Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNeutralSomewhat UnimportantVery Unimportant

    How do you feel about Elle Marie’s position within the industry regarding salon suites and/or other commission-based salons?

    How do you feel about how Elle Marie handled reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown?

    What suggestions do you have to support our efforts to maintain our company culture and have fun while navigating through COVID-19?

    Any other feedback, ideas, or suggestions?

    What is your home location?