To all my new mommas…

(As published in the “Elle-gant Style” section of the Mill Creek Influence Magazine, June 2013.)

Here are some quick tips on your haircare while loving on your new bundle of joy.

First, always remember to take even a little time to pamper yourself. Don’t foret you! It’s important to feel good about yourself, so every six weeks or so, make a trip to the salon…you are worth it! To squash any rumors you may have heard, coloring your hair while pregnant or breast feeding is completely safe.

Second, remember that it is really important to have the proper haircare products at home. Our little bundles of joy are draining all of our nutrients and enjoying every minute of it! It’s totally normal to lose some hair while breast feeding so talk to your stylist about getting set up on a customized haircare plan at home. And lastly, even while running to the grocery store or a doctor appointment or if you simply want to look a little more put together when your in-laws visit, consider a sock bun or quick side braid. Make us moms proud by not forgetting about yourself. You deserve to be pampered!

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