Using a Color Gloss to Maintain your Gorgeous Summer Hair

With summer upon us, we need to take extra precautions with our hair. Every couple months we get our hair cut and colored and sometimes it seems as though the result leaves us with ends that are even worse than before we entered the salon! You may also find that your color tends to fade between color services. This year it has been happening more than ever due to the beautiful weather we’ve been so fortunate to enjoy. Finally we’ve had a chance to step outside and enjoy this rare season of sunshine! We are also spending a lot of time in the pool and, as you all know, the sun and chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair.

The key is to be proactive! To combat these issues I would suggest using a color gloss after each service. Here at Elle Marie Hair Studio we utilize Redken’s Clear Shades EQ for just that purpose. The color gloss fills up your hair shaft and allows the hair to lie nicely without the typical frizz. The nice thing about a color gloss is that is doesn’t weigh down the hair and will leave your hair shiny all day long. The application process takes only a few extra minutes and will make such an impact on your hair. As an artificial redhead, I am regularly faced with this very challenge – especially in the summertime. I recently began having one of our Elle Marie stylists apply a color gloss every month and the results have been amazing! I have shiny hair everyday and my red hair isn’t fading nearly as fast. You don’t have to apply the gloss every month either, but it wouldn’t harm your hair or your pocket at only $20 per application. Considering that I don’t have to color my hair so often due to its darker, muted red tones, $20 is more than reasonable to maintain the long-lasting look I strive to achieve.

For those of you with color-free hair, a color gloss application is still a wonderful service to have. It keeps your natural hair shiny and works wonders to calm the frizz. If your hair is naturally grey, it’s a keeper for you as well as it basically keeps those unruly grays in check. In addition, if you have a child who plans to spend a good deal of time in the pool this summer, this would be a safe way to keep the chlorine from damaging or turning their hair green as well.

If you would like to further discuss the benefits of a color gloss, feel free to give Elle Marie Hair Studio a call at 425-402-1900. We’d be happy to get you in for a free consultation to discuss the best approach to keeping your hair looking its best right on through to fall.

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