Why buy haircare products at a salon?

(As printed in the “What the Pros Know” section of the Lake Stevens Journal, Jan. 11, 2012.)

We carry Redken, Pureology and Sexy Hair products. Guests often ask about their availability at mass retailers, drug and grocery stores or unauthorized websites at a lower price. Be careful! This is referred to as “Diversion” and is illegal.


CONSIDER QUALITY: Diverted products are often older than 250 days, discontinued or even counterfeit. Be confident about what you put in your hair.

CONSIDER PRICE: The retail outlet’s brand may hint at lower prices but price checks vs. syndicated data show salon products purchased at mass retailers are at least 10% higher than when bought at your local salon.

CONSIDER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Diverted products are sold without the service and recommendation of your personal stylist who knows the best product for your hair, and deprives them of the sale of this product and their service.

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