Why should I avoid box hair color?

(As printed in the “What the Pros Know” section of the Lake Stevens Journal, Apr. 11, 2012.) 

Many box hair colors convince you that you will get the look of their spokesmodel, but really there is no guarantee. Hair color needs to be customized for each person. Everyone has a different shade of hair color, not to mention undertones. Some hair is more porous than others and more resistant. All of this factor into what formula is best for your hair. Box color can be very damaging to your hair because of the amount of ammonia in it. Your hair may not come out all shiny and healthy like the ads show. Instead the results can be blotchy or leave you with ends that are severely damaged. When you get your hair colored at Elle Marie, you are guaranteed a color that is customized by a team of professionals just for your hair type and texture. Plus, we are able to add dimension to your hair color that boxes simply can not match. Remember, you may save a penny, but if it does not work out the results can be costly.

“I usually tell clients that box color is designed like “one size fits all” but they don’t take into consideration what is existing on your head right now. Example: a dark red box color will turn out 3 totally different ways on a blonde, brunette and redhead, so to expect the picture as a result is ridiculous. It really takes a professional to examine what is previously existing and then customize each formula for your specific hair type.”

~ Additional input copied via a Facebook chat with Jacquelyn.

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