You deserve a kid-free hair salon experience, as do other guests

Picture this: You’re a working mother of 3. You get home after a long day’s work only to find the laundry needs to be folded, dinner can’t cook itself and your husband and children need your undivided attention all at the same time. YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR SOME “YOU” time. So you schedule an appointment at Elle Marie Hair Studio for a color and a cut. You come in, your stylist grabs you a coffee and brings you over to her station to start her magic. As you take in a deep breath, ready to release the stresses of the week, a woman walks in with her 2 year old twins. She sits them in the waiting area with a bag full of toys and heads off to have her hair done as well. Meanwhile, the twins have separated and their mother is screaming at them from her chair to go back to their toys in the waiting area. She too, is getting a color and a cut, so you know the toddlers will be running amuck the entire time you will be here for your “relaxing” appointment.

Here at Elle Marie Hair Studio, we want you to be able to get away from the everyday stresses of life and truly relax when you sit in our chairs. It makes it hard to get the full salon experience if children are here unsupervised. Children are always welcome to come in and get their hair done. Whether you’re a man, woman, or child, we want to be able to spoil you without the worry of unsupervised children potentially getting into chemicals or burning themselves on the hot tools we have at all of our stations. We love kids and enjoy having them as our guests, but if the appointment is just for you, why not grab a sitter or your husband to watch them so you and the guests around you can enjoy every minute you’re here? Let us help you forget about the non-stop, crazy life you manage everyday…even if it is just for a couple hours.

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