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    When it comes to building and sustaining a career as a hairstylist, we all know how valuable and necessary ongoing education is. We understand these types of investments can create some financial burdens. As an employee based, career minded salon company with a mission to grow and develop hair stylists, we want to make your growth as easy as possible for you. With that, we can offer classes to our employees for a fraction of the cost and have created options to work within your budget.

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    We realize life happens however, in the event you sign up and do not show up for class you will owe Elle Marie the full Class Value amount stated above.


    I understand that if I leave the company, for whatever reason, voluntarily and/or involuntary, within a year of the date of the class I will be responsible for paying back the full class value amount stated above.


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    I understand that it is my responsibility to contact my scheduling Manager to coordinate closing my books. Initials: I understand that it is my responsibility to coordinate with my front desk team to reschedule any guests who are affected by the closure of my books. Initials: