Addicted to Shampooing?

As hairstylists, we hear all the time, “I have to wash my hair everyday, it gets greasy,” “My hair has no body or style on day two,” “If I don’t wash it everyday it doesn’t look cute.” These too were things that I thought. Not only is it better for your scalp and hair to not wash it everyday, second and third day styling is so much easier! As you shampoo everyday you are stripping your natural oils that your body produces. As this continues, your body thinks you need more oil so it makes even more and that is where the “greasy’ hair comes from. As you start to wash every other day your body will realize it doesn’t need to do that and it won’t feel like that anymore!

If you are someone who regularly over-blowdries everyday, you’re in luck. Most all of our products have some memory to them which means second day hair will remember what it did the day before and it will require barley any work. Also, all that hold from those awesome Redken and Pureology products are in there, so its perfect to switch it up with some curls or a cute updo!

As you start this process the first couple days aren’t fun, but once you get used to it your second day hair will become your favorite. It definitely is for me. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to sleep in a few extra minutes! And who doesn’t like that idea?

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