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Opportunity. Respect. Happiness.

We provide our Team Members with Excellence in Continuing Education, a Sustainable Goal Driven Career Path, and a High Integrity Atmosphere that Fosters Personal & Professional Growth. And First and Foremost, FUN!
Group Photo of the Elle Marie Hair Studio Woodinville Team
Group Photo of the Elle Marie Hair Studio Alderwood Team


Lorry Green, founder & Owner

Meet Lorry (Marie) Green, the visionary hairstylist and the inspiration behind Elle Marie Hair Studio. Lorry launched her first salon in 2006, driven by a passion for fostering connections and supporting both personal and professional growth among hairstylists. Now expanded to five locations, you’ll find four of these in Snohomish County and one in downtown Woodinville.

Lorry’s commitment to the beauty industry transcends mere hairstyling; she’s motivated by the belief in the transformative effects of direction, connection, and purpose. She is dedicated to empowering individuals and hairstylists, guiding them towards self-advocacy and mutual empowerment. Emphasizing the strength of teamwork, Lorry advocates for the idea that by supporting each other, everyone can achieve greater career and personal growth.

Elle Marie Hair Studio is designed as a space where both clients and stylists are encouraged to be their authentic selves and pursue their dreams with confidence. Through her passion, provision of invaluable resources, empowering mentorship, and inspiring leadership, Lorry has made a significant impact on the beauty industry and the people she touches, fostering meaningful connections one person at a time.

To discover more about Elle Marie’s history, visit our About Us page.

Hollie Wesoloski, Owner

Hollie graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Communications and a minor in Sociology. After graduation, she completed an internship with Sub Pop records and went on to work for a radio station conglomerate group in downtown Seattle. While she always had a love of music, her true passion was all things hair related.

In 2001 she decided to take the plunge and pursue her dreams of working in the hair industry. She joined the Elle Marie team as the 8th employee in January, 2008 and became Lorry’s Assistant Manager at the Mill Creek location, eventually moving into the Manager position at Mill Creek. In the fall of 2012 she moved over to manage our newest location in Alderwood. Hollie is now the Director of Operations for all locations, still working behind the chair in Mill Creek, and one of our education stylists working to train incoming Associates.

Portrait of Salon Owner Hollie Wesoloski
Portrait of Senior Director of Operations Krysten Rouse

Krysten Rouse, Senior Director of Operations

Krysten’s passion for the industry is rooted in growing and developing people both personally and professionally. She believes that life is a journey and every moment is an opportunity to learn and make connections; it’s not about how fast you make it to your destination but the road it takes to get there and the experiences and memories created along the way.

Since the age of 7, when her mom would take her to get perms at the local salon she knew that one day she would grow up to work in the beauty industry. It was those special appointments where she felt surrounded by love and joy.

While attending college at the International Academy of Design and Technology- Seattle, Krysten received a phone call from her hairstylist asking if she would be interested in working at the front desk of her salon. Without hesitation, she leaped at the opportunity and since 2006 has not looked back. While she completed her degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising she continued to work her way up in the salon industry by saying “YES” to every opportunity which has led to a very colorful career. In 2015 she attended EVCC HR Management Program where she focused on Human Resources and people development so she could continue to nurture her education and fuel her passion for the industry.

Acacia Delzer, Director of Operations

Acacia brought almost 10 years of salon-support experience with her when started with Elle Marie in 2015 as a Guest Service Administrator. Her life-long passion for art and design, along with her time spent at Kansas City Art Institute and Cornish College of the Arts, allowed her to quickly transition into the Marketing Department as a Graphic Designer, followed by Marketing and Communications Director, and finally Director of Operations.

When not at work, Acacia enjoys gardening, playing video games, DIY projects, and spending time with her family.

Portrait of Director of Operations Acacia Delzer

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