Brazilian Gloss – Smooth shiny hair that’ll make ’em stare!

(UPDATE: We are no longer offering the Brazilian Gloss treatments. While they worked phenomenally for our guests initially, the company was forced to restructure their formula following growing safety concerns, including our own, about the use of formaldehyde and acetyaldehyde in their product. Alternative options are now available that we would love to talk to you about. Feel free to give us a call!)

As a stylist, its totally normal for me to hear questions like “how do I get healthier, shinier, and smoother hair without having to wake up at the crack of dawn to blow out and flat iron my hair?” Problem is, without a time investment each and every morning and any number of products, it used to be that I could do little besides offer words of encouragement promising that “practice makes it quicker and easier”… UNTIL NOW!

The latest craze in the beauty industry is a smoothing system that lasts up to twelve weeks, the Brazilian Gloss. There’s really nothing else quite like it in the biz. This revolutionary smoothing system is keratin based (the protein your hair is made of) and offers many of the benefits of previous systems without all of the damage, harsh chemicals, and grow out lines. The Brazilian Gloss actually improves the health of your hair by fortifying each strand with essential proteins and conditioners. This is NOT a relaxer nor a straightener, instead, think of it as a deep conditioning system that can reduce curl by about thirty percent without the use of toxic formaldehyde (common in many leading systems). It works to smooth out frizz, add shine, and seal in color without compromising the volume or integrity of your hair. It can even reduce drying time by about a third (now you have time for breakfast!) and the more that you do it the longer and more effective the results become. Did I mention that it smells amazing?!

The whole process only takes about 90 minutes and all hair types can benefit whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or curly, blonde or brunette. For those of you who like to change up your hair and have chemically damaged it in the process, this is perfect for you. The Brazilian Gloss allows you to reduce time spent pulling a hot flat iron over your hair and risk damaging it further. With results lasting for up to 12 weeks who wouldn’t want the Brazilian Gloss?

Elle Marie Hair Studio has stylists certified in applying Brazilian Gloss treatments and would love to offer you a free consultation. The treatment starts around $150 and quickly pays for itself in time saved during your daily styling routine. Call today for your free consultation: 425-402-1900.

(E-mail to Brittani on 5/4/10 after a Brazilian Gloss treatment.)

“I washed my hair this morning and let it air dry (with some product). It is almost dry now, and is very soft with no frizz and more relaxed curl. Feels really good!! Everyone loved my straight hair yesterday, and even though I had it in a pony tail most of the weekend didn’t even really have a kink in it when I finished it with a flat iron yesterday. So far so good!!!”
~ Molly W.

(E-mail to Ally on 5/19/10)

“The Brazilian Gloss product is the best thing I have ever done to my hair. My hair has never looked so healthy and shiny. I no longer have to deal with the frizzy hair. The time it takes to fix my hair in the morning has decreased significantly. If there are any other clients that are considering having the Brazilian Gloss treatment, I cannot recommend it more. Thank you Ally for suggesting it for me. I cannot thank you enough! I love my hair now!”
~ Laurie T.

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