Does your hair work for you?

I rushed into a store this morning to grab a few last minute things on my way to work and saw a woman that inspired me to write this blog. She was tall, slender, probably mid-30’s, dressed ultra-professionally with black designer pants, undoubtedly expensive heels, a genuine Coach hand bag, black coat, wool scarf and WET HAIR?!?!?! It was obvious to me (as a stylist) that her hair was well on its way to going frizz-crazy as her natural wave was beginning to dry and take over. All I could think was “no, no, NO!” I have written in the past that your hair is the “outfit” you wear around your face EVERY DAY. Would you go to a job interview with designer heels, a high fashion skirt and your bathrobe on? Now, I know there are many of you out there that let your hair dry naturally and it looks great. This blog is not for you. This message is for those of you whose hair is NOT WORKING FOR YOUR LIFE STYLE! Talk to your stylist. Let them know what image you want to portray and how much (or how little) you are willing or able to put into achieving that look. While we cannot perform miracles, we can offer tips, services, and styling techniques to take your look from lackluster to intentional and FABULOUS!

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