How can I protect my hair from the summer sun?

(Published in the “What the Pros Know” section of a June 2012 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.)

UVA and UVB rays can damage the hair from the cuticle to inner structure of the hair. Signs of damage are faded color, broken split ends and frizzy, weakened hair. Never fear. With the right prescription you will have great hair all summer long.

Many professional styling products have SPF in them. One of my favorites is Pureology Essential Repair Color Max. It contains UV filters plus the exclusive AntiFadeComplex so color stays fresh and doesn’t fade. Remember to clarify your hair after swimming to cut out any chlorine damage, then follow up with a balancing conditioner. Sun exposure breaks down protein in hair so its important to do a protein treatment. For this I recommend Redken Extreme Strength Builder which strengthens the hair, plus helps with frizz and gives ton of shine.

Now its time to sit back, enjoy that beautiful weather and keep your hair looking its best!!!!!!

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