Elle Marie Experience: When I started with Elle Marie I struggled with confidence behind the chair (I was right out of beauty school and so nervous to be new!) and I was extremely shy and to myself. I’m definitely still introverted but it’s so much easier to push your boundaries when you are surrounded by so much love and support from my coworkers/leaders and guests. I’m so thankful I got to go through Elle Marie’s Associate program to really help me gain confidence in who I was behind the chair right out of beauty school. It helped me maintain a passion for learning and surrounded me with others who want to learn just as much as I do. I am now a Level 2 stylist in the Salon Company and am so excited to continue to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone and continuing to grow, of course from the help of Elle Marie. ❤

Free Time Favorites: When I’m not doing hair usually you can find me I’m tending to my indoor plant collection. I love the outdoors and going hiking and kayaking; summer time activities are my favorite. I also really enjoy working out and spending tons of time with the people I love. I absolutely love trying new things so everyday is a new adventure!!