A Personal Message from Owner Lorry Green

I just got word that the salon company that I started my career at has shut its doors. I was shocked and sad as I reflected back on those 4 years I spent right out of beauty school. I am so grateful for my time there, I know without a doubt that working for the Regis Corporation helped set a foundation for me in my desire to open an employee centered Salon company with a career path for stylists to create a lucrative living while living a balanced life.

I’m proud of my beginning. I’m proud of where I came from and I’m proud Regis is a part of my story, Elle Marie’s story.

I can’t help but think of all the hairstylists who are displaced with possibly no direction on where to go next. I know without a doubt in my mind that together with my salon team we have created a space for such hairstylists to grow and develop both personally and professionally with the foundation they received from the Regis Corporation.

I know this because I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

In a demographic where we are saturated with independent stylists in single suite settings, I fear that many of these displaced hairstylists might quit hairdressing altogether, while assuming they don’t have another option than working by themselves. The idea that this is happening to them in the beginning of a new decade makes my stomach turn.

Elle Marie Hair Studio is an Employee Centered, Commission pay salon company and we understand the need for a company such as ours in our area.

Now, as the owner of the company, I know this might come across as me attempting to bank on someone’s misfortune but please know it’s not the case at all. I believe we all have our place in this beautiful industry and Elle Marie is not for some.

But for many, it is.

With that, I want to remind those stylists that we are here. We always have been and always will be. No matter what direction you choose to go, we are here and we support you no matter what. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a conversation regarding your options. I LOVE to talk shop and feel pretty well versed on all the different avenues our industry has to offer.

I am so sorry that this is happening.

✌🏼 ❤️ ✂️,