Announcing New, Simplified Haircut Pricing

Elle Marie Hair Studio is proud to announce a streamlining of our business model with regards to haircut pricing. We recently took a step back to look at our service offerings and asked why services were booked as Men’s Haircuts or Women’s Haircuts. Fact is, hair is hair, and nowadays many haircuts that tend to identify with males require just as much design time, as well as education in precision cutting techniques, as their female counterparts. Therefore, Elle Marie is excited to announce a new haircut pricing model that bridges the gender gap and accommodates our guests in equal fashion.

Elle Marie haircuts will now be priced based on where the initial hair length falls within the following five categories:

  1. Buzz Cut ($20) – Same length all over with clippers.
  2. Clipper Cut (From $32) – Short cut with clippers, some shear work.
  3. Short Haircut (From $42) – Ear length or shorter.
  4. Medium Haircut (From $44) – Collarbone and above.
  5. Long Haircut (From $46) – Collarbone and below.