Do I need to deep condition my hair?

(As published in the “Experts Explain” section of a January 2016 edition of the Lake Stevens Ledger.)

The answer is YES! Deep conditioning is essential whether you color your hair or not! The main benefit to deep conditioners is they add protein and moisture back into your hair that can be lost through blow drying, coloring, and environmental factors. Deep conditioners can add shine, detangle, and prolong your haircolor brightness. The great thing is Redken deep conditioners work in under 15 minutes and you will feel the results after your first deep conditioner . Depending on your hair needs, you only have to do a few a month to keep your hair in its best shape. We offer many different formulas that will work with anything from fine to thick, curly hair. Ask your stylist which deep conditioner would work best for you. We offer in-salon treatments as well as products you can purchase for use at home.