Elle Marie Hair Studio has Proudly Partnered with Hair We Share to Help Provide Wigs to Those in Need

Hair We Share was founded July 2014. Suzanne Chimera is a cofounder and has been designing wigs over 20 years. She started Hair We Share because she always hated the money exchange when it came to children and sick people.

Hair We Share gives wigs free of charge to children under 18 and to adults who have financial hardship. The company service all types of medical related hair loss including chemotherapy, alopecia, and burn/accident victims to name a few. Their mission is not to make people feel they need to hide their condition – their mission is to help maintain dignity, confidence and self-esteem to those affected by medical hair loss. They provide the highest quality customizable wigs available.

• Hair must be 8” or more. When determining length, please consider that split and damaged ends will be trimmed away.
• Hair CANNOT be highlighted but CAN be dyed.
• Gray hair is happily accepted.

Ask your stylist today for more information on Hair We Share and the Ponytail Tracking Program!