Elle Marie Hair Studio Model Program and Application

Have you ever thought about helping a licensed stylist master a new technique? Want to experience new hair trends at an extremely reduced cost? Elle Marie Hair Studio is proud to launch our brand new Model Program and Application!

Elle Marie Hair Studio provides ongoing education that is required of our licensed stylists to further improve their hair dressing techniques while working at Elle Marie. To honor our passion for growth and development, we continue to train and develop new skills and trends for our senior level Hairstylists, along with our requirement of new stylists to complete our 9-month Associate Training Program.

In order to obtain a position as a Stylist at Elle Marie, this Associate program is meant as an opportunity for future stylists to compliment the basic skills learned while they obtained their Washington State Cosmetology License.

For more information, or if you are interested in submitting an application to our Model Program, visit the link below!

Elle Marie Hair Studio Model Program and Application

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