Get your shine on with a glossing service that can help your hair go from dull to shiny – Elle Marie Hair Studio on KING 5’s New Day Northwest

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Shades EQ Gloss is an in-salon service that helps clients achieve healthy, shiny-looking hair. Sponsored by Redken.

Author: Emily Hanson, New Day Northwest

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SEATTLE — Redken celebrated the 2nd annual National Hair Gloss Day on August 3 by highlighting its Shades EQ Gloss.

“The service itself will leave the hair healthier, shinier, and it really conditions the hair,” said Broady Oster, senior stylist at Elle Marie Hair Studio Woodinville. “It’s great for someone who wants to get the brass toned out of their hair or you just want to revitalize your tone or maybe just want to add a little dimension to the color as well.”

Shades EQ Gloss is used by more than 400,000 professional stylists, and it is customizable with more than 100 shades to choose from. It provides a subtle touch of color, while adding shine and conditioning to all types of hair.

“It’s fully customizable, so anybody and everybody can get it,” Oster said.

The gloss is formulated without ammonia, so clients aren’t bothered by the smell. It’s also infused with amino acids to help condition hair and enhance the shine.

“A lot of my clients, in between their foils, to make sure their color lasts longer and they still have that beautiful shined and conditioned look, they come in for a gloss treatment,” Oster said.

The service takes about 20 minutes and starts with a brief consultation to discuss color options or clear gloss for just shine and conditioning.

“If you have a big event coming up, or say you’re going to be on camera, it’s the perfect time to get a gloss in,” Oster said.

Shine EQ Gloss is offered exclusively in Redken Salons. To learn more and find a salon near you, visit the Redken website.