Pink hair extensions raise money for breast cancer patient

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Several local salons are giving out pink hair extensions for $10 or donations for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Elle Marie Hair Studios has raised more than $17,000 in seven years since it started offering pink hair extensions. That money has been donated to cancer research.

The salons are trying something different this year by giving the money to a local patient. Anyone can nominate a breast cancer patient and share their story from now until the end of November.

Hair stylists came up with this idea to give money to a patient for whatever they’d like. They hear a lot of painful stories from their customers.

The salon’s “Pink Hair To Save a Pair Campaign” is dear to salon manager Hollie Wesoloski’s heart. Her mother battled breast cancer.

“In my 30’s going to the hospital seeing so many women my age who’ve lost their hair, you can tell they’re in the midst of chemo, making you just feel awful. It was really eye-opening. It’s right in our age group and can touch anybody” said Wesoloski.

The salon has already raised more than $3,000 in October from the pink extensions and donations.