Ash Blonde by Jamae

Woodinville Stylist Jamae Featured by Latest Hairstyles

(Originally published by Latest Hairstyles on November 8, 2018)

Q&A with style creator, Jamae Wiederhold
Level 2 Hair Stylist @ Elle Marie Hair Studio in Woodinville, WA

How would you describe this look?

I call this a silver foilage because I combined the two techniques, foils and balayage to achieve the lightness needed to create a silver color. First off, I want to point out that this color took 6+ months in the making and I was starting at level 6-7 hair. It is important not to push the hair beyond its strengths when achieving this color, as to get to silver you, have to take all the pigment out of the hair which will leave it vulnerable and needing treatments and frequent maintenance.

This cut is a medium length with long, textured layers. We curled into a “beach wave” look to complement the textured cut. For the photo, I added a loose braid to complete an undone, beachy look!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Although this is a highly sought after color, it comes with a lot of time, money, and maintenance. 99% of silvers are not created in one appointment (if you are told it’s possible in one appointment, seek a different stylist as your hair will be compromised). Slowly but surely is the model for a silver or platinum color! Your appointments could take 3-5 hrs depending on your hair and could cost upwards of 200-500$ plus the take-home products to keep your hair in great shape. I would recommend to my client getting this color to take home a violet shampoo, a healing or repairing conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and a heat protectant if styling daily with heat.

As a stylist, I always explain care and maintenance and price before starting the service. It’s important to educate our guests, they look to us to give them the right hair for them and even though it might be something they initially wanted, in the end, it might not be for them.