Safety & Sanitation – What To Expect at Your Next Visit

Is good hair during a pandemic really that necessary in the grand scheme of things? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Most would say probably not, however, we all know the power of a good hair day! 😁

If COVID-19 has you on the fence about whether or not to book that appointment, please know, WE HEAR YOU!

Many have delayed tending to in-salon hair care needs to help ensure their personal safety.


We want to help ease those fears by letting you know that your health and safety, & that of our team, is our #1 priority right now. 💯

Since the beginning of this mess (because let’s be honest, it’s kind of a mess, am I right?) we have put into place all the state mandated safety measures, and then some.

We have educated our team & regularly monitor that these safety measures are being adhered to by our team and our guests (no issues!).

Check out the above video for a walk-through of what you can expect at your next hair appointment at Elle Marie Hair Studio.

See you soon!

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