15% Off Pureology Top Coat + Tone

valid through 6/15/23

Stay bright between salon appointments and get toned & glossed right at home. These colorful treatments come in three formulas that restore color vibrancy, neutralize brass or add a shiny, beautifully reflective gloss in under 10 minutes.

Clear: A high-gloss clear topcoat that restores vibrancy and shine, leaving hair soft and silky with a beautifully reflective finish.

Gold: Keep hair warm, sunny and glossed with this color-reviving toner for golden or strawberry blondes. A perfect pick-me-up before your next salon appointment.

Blue: Remove any unwanted warmth in lightened hair with this blue formula that neutralizes brassy orange tones in highlights and balayage. A great toner for brown hair and dark blondes.

Purple: Stay cool with this toner for blonde hair that banishes unwanted brassiness. A purple formula neutralizes yellow in blondes — from icy platinum to subtle balayage.

Copper: Brighten up penny-copper to copper-red strands with this color-reviving copper toner that restores color vibrancy while also adding a shiny, healthy-looking gloss.

Red: Reds can fade fast — but this hair toner will gloss and revive apple or ruby red tones to be their best and brightest until your next professional coloring service.