Portrait of Tiffany E., a hairstylist at Elle Marie Hair Studio. Tiffany E. is smiling and looking directly at the camera.

Elle Marie Experience: I have been able to grow as a stylist in more ways than I ever thought possible! The opportunities to learn and express my creative side are endless! I am very excited to see where my career at EM will take me!

Free Time Favorites: Going on adventures, traveling and being spontaneous! I enjoy the outdoors and going camping. You will see me at lots of local shows I love live music and the theater. I also love hanging out with my pup Bennie! I am always down for anything!

Can’t get enough 🤤 
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Full process of the before and after! 
I get asked a lot of these common questions about vivids so here’s a little Q&A to answer some of the basics! 
- Maintenance is every 6-8 wks and usually requires a double process meaning we have to lift your roots and or remove your old color then wash, dry, then do the creative color. 
-At home you want to wash as little as possible dry shampoo will be your bestie. Use only cold cold water and of course only use salon recommended shamp, cond, and styling products. Limit the use of heat tools when possible. 
-These kind of creative colors take me anywhere from 3-7 hrs and are charged by the hour. 
-Consultations and deposits are required to book any vivid/creative color services! 

If anyone has any other ?? Drop them in the comments! I am currently accepting new vivid guests so if your interested DM me! Thanks friends! 
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You need a pop of color to rainbow hair to a shag, I am here for you it’s my total vibe! DM for apt availability have just a few spots open this month and into June! #tiffanyevillehair ellemariehairstudio pulpriothair saloncentric