Tips to Keep your Hair Lookin’ Hot when the Weather’s Hot

With summer in full swing you might find that your hair is getting brittle and damaged. The pool, frequent washes, and sun can do a number on your hair! Not to worry, Elle Marie to the rescue! Here are some helpful tips and products to help save your hair from damage over the summer months.

Lets start off with sun damage. My favorite product for this is Redken’s Color Extend Sun line. The Solar Screen is a must have for those outdoor lovers! Not only does it protect your hair and scalp from damage with its SPF 12, it helps repair and prevent damage. So say goodbye to that annoying scalp burn and embarrassing peeling! And once the sun sets, don’t forget to use the After-Sun shampoo! It repairs sun damage with its Soplexyl technology and moistens hair with mango oil. Right now you can pick up both of these products in a duo set at your nearest Elle Marie!

Now moving on to that nice green glow you blondes get from swimming in chlorine pools. For extreme cases I would recommend coming into the salon for one of our Malibu treatments followed up with a nice deep conditioner. If you’re noticing just a hint of green, I would try our 100% vegan line – Purelology’s purifying shampoo. Not only does it remove that embarrassing green but it helps remove hard water and mineral buildup! Another good shampoo for blonde is Redken’s Blonde Glam. It helps remove any brassiness with grapefruit extract! And for those platinum blonde we have Redken’s Color Enhance Perfect Platinum conditioner. With just a splash of purple it will take away all that unwanted brassiness in between colors!

Here are some ways to give your hair moisture without leaving it greasy! When conditioning remember conditioner is meant to be applied only to the ends of the hair. Your natural oils condition your roots so when you add conditioner it can make your hair oily. So stop wasting that conditioner ladies! Make sure not to wash your hair more often than every other day. To avoid that greasiness you might try Snappy, our dry shampoo! All you have to do is spray some at your roots and brush! That’s it! Your good to go!

Well I hope you enjoyed these summer tips! Enjoy your summer and take care of your hair!

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