Your Hair and a Cashmere Sweater

There is nothing we dislike more as your stylist than feeling like we are trying to “sell” you products. The truth is simply this…we care about how your hair looks and how it behaves!! I have always said “It’s not great hair if it only looks good the day you are at the salon!” So why is it that hair does look so amazing when your stylist does it? Because we have the products and tools that we know will make your hair move and shine (or stay in place!) and look gorgeous! Naturally, the way to achieve the same at home is to have your stylist educate you on what products and styling tools are right for your unique hair type/style.

So how is your hair like a cashmere sweater? Hair is the most important accessory you have! It frames your features and you wear it EVERY day! If you invested $150 dollars on a cashmere sweater, would you go home and throw it in the washer with $1 detergent or would you use Woolite to make it last???? PLUS you wouldn’t have to wear that sweater every day, unless you really loved it! Hahah.

So please just remember, we are saturated with hair knowledge that we are eager to share with you. There is no need to have 25 bottles of products you don’t know how to use underneath your bathroom cabinet. Your Elle Marie staff is here to guide you through!

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