Team Resources

Event Feedback Survey

    Name Salon Location Event Name Event Date

    1. Overall, what was your impression of the event?

    2. Did you have the materials needed to effectively run the event? Were these materials of the quality you expected from Elle Marie?

    (Examples: branded giveaways, hand outs, coupons, products and tools for performing services the event)

    3. Branding/Visibility – were guests able to tell who we were from our display/booth/presentation? Did we look like a team? Was our presentation cohesive?

    (Examples: Banners, attire/dress code, signage, etc.)

    4. If your event had a Raffle/Gift Basket, was it enticing? Were the items in the basket attractive? Was the display effective? Did you see a lot of interest/entries?

    5. If your event offered services to guests, were they satisfied with the product? Was the quality of work what you expected of Elle Marie?

    6. Do you believe this event executed the goal of engaging with the community and bringing awareness to Elle Marie Hair Studio and who we are? Do you believe the event honors Elle Marie’s mantra and aligns with our mission and values?

    7. How was the overall teamwork and collaboration during the event? Did you feel that all participants were engaged?

    8. Direction, Communication, Organization – were you satisfied with the communication you received prior to the event? Did you feel that you were set up for success?

    9. How well did the new additions of tinsel, feather, tips, and Square work for you? For our guests? Is this something we should continue in the future?

    10. What would you change about our participation in the event? What worked? What didn’t? How would you improve our participation in the future?

    11. If given the opportunity, would you choose to participate in this event again?


    Why or Why Not?

    12. Anything else you’d like to add?